Jay Toyota - Referred cousin to salesman and did not receive referral fee

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I was promised by a salesman that if I sent my cousin to him and he purchased a vehicle, then I would receive a referral fee.My cousin purchased the vehicle in March 2013 and I still have not received referral fee.

I have followed up several times with the salesman who advised to just wait and I will receive it. I knew this was a lie from the beginning. I have purchased 6 vehicles from there and I will never buy another one there again!

I took my business to Atlanta and bought a 2013 Tundra where I felt my business was appreciated.Lies do not sit well with me.

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Jay Toyota - Car just over 30 days old; warranty not honored

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I was driving with my boyfriend with the windows down and we stopped somewhere. He got out and closed his door. He closed the door with normal care, the window shattered inside the door.

We immediately went to the closest dealership, Jay Toyota. I stated to them exactly what happened including "The door was not closed with brute force". I spoke briefly with Tony, a service associate and almost immediately he told me that I would have to speak with the service manager.

They graciously gave me a lender car and gave me a call on Monday to explain the status of my car. The conversation on Monday included Tony telling me that the car would not be covered under warranty and the cost of the window would be approximately $315.00 and the cost of labor is $80.00/hr.

I followed the steps in the warranty book and spoke with a Customer Servie Representative to resolve the issue. Customer Service couldn't help because they were underneath the district manager who had already made his decision to not honor the warranty.

Tuesday morning I talked to the Service Manager Eddie Brown, due to the fact that he was not there monday when we spoke with Tony, and he stated that he couldn't help me because the Southeastern District Manager has to approve all services to be done on paint and glass. Concluding our conversation. Eddie told me that the district manager would not honor the warranty.

We left the Toyota dealership and then called Eddie to ask for the number to speak with the district manager. He would not give me the number. Instead, he took down my number and said that the district manager would give me a call. I have yet to receive a call.

I then, picked up the car and payed the amount of $495.80. I took a look at the invoice. $180.00 for labor (3 hours). Tony told me that he tried to give me a discount at $60.00/hr. Im not an expert in car repair, but what serviceman takes 3 hours to remove a door panel, vaccuum the broken glass, put in new glass and put the paneling back on? I didn't say anything about this at the dealership.

The evening of the day we picked up the car, my boyfriend noticed that my Oil Vent Air Freshener was upside down. He asked me if I put it that way and I said no. When we went to fix it, there was oil dripping down the dash. Everywhere the oil was, it stripped the interior finish. I know these two additional details are petty, but left and right this dealership is really screwing us over.

I notified my legal representative of all the recent events. He told me that the window IS covered under warrant. He suggested I write to the dispute resolution center and demand a reimbursement or take them to small claims court and sue. He personally called the General Manager of my local Toyota dealership and the General manager stated that I told the service associate, Tony, that I had slammed the door.

About a week before my wonderful experience with Toyota, my roommate brougt in here Toyota Tacoma to get her tire fixed. She just recently bought a set of four brand new premium tires from Toyota. One of them blew out on the highway not but two weeks later. She brought it in expecting them to just give her a new tire. Just like my window, they told her that her tire would not be covered under the warranty. Out of pocket she paid approximately an additional $150.00 for another tire.

Jay Toyota has given me and my friends nothing but headaches and empty pockets.

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Next time spend your money on an American company building an American car. Toyota steals American jobs and screws the economy doing it.


A door closed normally with window up or down WILL NOT break the glass, unless the track assembly was loose (you did not mention any noise emitting from the door) or the door was slammed to hard or there was a defect in the glass. I assume this was a new car purchace if it was then the glass is covered even with slamming it should not break. now if this was a used car when you purchased it then no it is not covered.

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Your window should be covered.That's a joke on their part, and if it is not, Toyota should work with you in good faith.

Your friend's tire? That's not necessarily a warranty issue.

That goes through the tire company, which can be a hassle.Good luck.

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